Smart-Cam CMM 1.0

Smart-Cam CMM converts any video camera, digital camera, web-cam, scanner etc.
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Smart-Cam CMM is a low-cost, machine vision, computerized measurement solution that works with a wide array of imaging devices and images (photos) stored in disk files. Smart-Cam CMM can make measurements with greater accuracy and in less time than conventional methods of measurement. In addition, Smart-Cam CMM can make measurements of objects that would be impractical or impossible to measure using conventional methods, such as large or distant objects.
Smart-Cam CMM converts any video camera, digital camera, web-cam, scanner, or other video capture device into a powerful Windows-based smart camera capable of making measurements.
Measurement Functions
- Manual Measurement
- Auto Edge to Edge
- Auto Hole Spacing
- Auto Hole Diameter
- Auto Surface Area
- Auto Distance
- Manual Distance
- Auto Radius of Curvature
- Comparator Grid
- Comparator Polar
Main Features:
- 10 individually-configurable measurement functions
- 2 individually-configurable calibration modes
- English or Metric systems of measurement
- Configurable number of decimal places with optional display in fractions
- Dimensional, radial, and angular measurements
- Large, interactive on-screen display
- Optional expand to fit screen
- Multiple image sources for image acquisition
- Video camera, digital camera, disk file
- Resolutions up to 8192 x 6144 (48 megapixel)
- Sub-Pixel Accuracy
- Configurable screen colors and text background
- Large buttons for optional touch-screen compatibility
- Processing times typically under 100 milliseconds



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